SpeedArmis Mini torre de caída, juego de madera apilable de 54 piezas para niños y adolescentes, juego de mesa de madera de pino con 1 juego de dados/marcador/bolsa de transporte

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  • Dimensiones del paquete: ‎29.01 x 8.31 x 7.9 cm; 1.06 kilogramos
  • Edad recomendada por el fabricante: ‎14 años y más
  • Necesita baterías: ‎No
  • Incluye baterías: ‎No
  • Tipo(s) de material: ‎Madera
  • Peso del producto: ‎1.06 kg


  • ☀Juegos clásicos de apilamiento para niños: la mini torre SpeedArmis es el juego de educación temprana preferido para niños para interiores o exteriores. La lista completa de embalaje incluye 54 bloques de madera maciza (3 x 1 x 0.6 pulgadas), 1 dado (0.63 x 0.63 x 0.63 pulgadas) y...

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    It's weird to admit I bought a cheap Chinese knock-off of Jenga for two or three dollars MORE than the original. My only defense is that I can't stand the ugly Jenga logo printed on every single block, and I was willing to pay just a little more for blank hardwood blocks. This listing was the right price at $10, and although the title says "Pine" they are actually hardwood blocks.I don't own a classic Jenga set so I can't compare them but there are defects in this product (probably the same for any product in this price-range). The wooden dice included are unnecessary and very cheap, and the included instructions for play are laughable. More importantly the blocks have very subtle blade marks, some very minor splintering at the edges and, perhaps like all stacking sets, the blocks are not all exactly the same thickness. This last detail is a plus, IMO, because it's possible to find a number of slightly looser blocks in the beginning which gets the game off to a good start.Lastly, the cardboard box these come in is perfect for storage between sessions. Just rebuild the tower on a level surface, then slide the box open-side down over the block tower and then gently flip it all over and close the lid. Next time you want to play, just turn it upside down on a level surface and slide the box up off of your ready-to-play tower.We had a lot of fun recently with this game! Thanks!
    I bought these specifically so I can wood burn on them and they are perfect! Typical Jenga sized pieces, but clear wood all around with no logo or anything. Love it!! I bought 2 hahaha
    Wanted a block game for wedding guests to sign pieces. Perfect. Nice light wood color, easy to write on. And of course fun to play the game! Just bought a different box for the finished “guest book.”

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