Juego de 28 azulejos de dominó, juego de 28 piezas, doble y seis marfil, juego de mesa con números clásicos con estuche de transporte de madera/almacenamiento de Hey! Play! (2-4 jugadores), marrón

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  • Dimensiones del producto: ‎4.76 x 6.67 x 19.37 cm; 453.59 gramos
  • Edad recomendada por el fabricante: ‎5 años y más
  • Idioma: ‎Inglés
  • Número de modelo: ‎541137GPD
  • Número de jugadores: ‎2 to 4
  • Montaje necesario: ‎No
  • Necesita baterías: ‎No
  • Tipo(s) de material: ‎Plástico
  • Color: ‎Marrón
  • Peso del producto: ‎454 g


  • Construcción resistente: el peso y el equilibrio ideales de cada uno de estos dominós garantizan que estén construidos para una diversión duradera. Cada bloque de dominó está numerado en un sistema estándar, marcado en blanco o con 1-6 puntos empotrados en ambos extremos, como es típico...

    User reviews

    I play dominoes with my 99-year-young adopted Aunt Sylvia. She moved, and took her wonderful, old, perhaps ivory set with her. I bought a set locally to use when she visits. But found it lacking...the feel was off and the various colors for the dots made it hard for her to see. We were both very happy with the set I bought from you. The dominoes were plenty thick enough to stand on edge, the deep black and shiny white made a sharp contrast, making the numbers easier for her to discern. I also especially liked the little raised pips in the center of the face of each domino. One of our favorite parts of the game is the sound the domonoes make as they are "scramble-ambled" before being distributed to the players. Those pips raise the dominoes up just enough to magnify that sound. This is an excellent product! I also liked the wooden box, but might have liked it better if it had been stained.
    The dominoes themselves are very nice. Really like the brass spinners too. When the dominoes arrived they were packaged well but look at the photos.I slid the wooden case out of the bubble wrap and it completely fell apart. Not a drop of glue on it anywhere. And the sliding lid was split along one edge making it difficult to close the case correctly.I would have returned this set for exchange but wit this Covid stuff going on and the major snow storms we've had as of late I figured it would take another month or who knows to get it straightened out so I took out the wood glue and repaired the case. the case isn't real sturdy so for travel maybe not but like I said, the dominoes are very nice.
    No se ha podido cargar el contenido multimedia.  I was very excited, until I opened the box. These things are so tiny, that you cannot hold them with your hands. Not only that, they are also thin, like my girlfriends lips, who can not, for the love of god sip on a cup of coffee, but that’s besides the point. Unless you have tiny hands, and regular dominoes look gigantic on your hands, Don’t waste your money on this. Unless you know a Puerto Rican friend that you want to upset by gifting this to him or her, don’t buy them.

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