Guess Who? Juego de mesa original de adivinanzas marco fácil de cargar hoja de personajes de doble cara juegos de mesa para 2 jugadores para niños juegos de adivinar para familias a partir de 6 años

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  • Dimensiones del producto: ‎4.13 x 29.21 x 24.45 cm; 635.03 gramos
  • Edad recomendada por el fabricante: ‎6 años y más
  • Número de modelo: ‎F6105
  • Número de jugadores: ‎2
  • Montaje necesario: ‎No
  • Necesita baterías: ‎No
  • Incluye baterías: ‎No
  • Tipo(s) de material: ‎Plástico
  • Color: ‎Multicolor
  • Peso del producto: ‎635 g


  • El juego de adivinación original: los niños pueden divertirse mucho ya que utilizan sí o ninguna pregunta para adivinar el personaje misterioso del otro para ganar el juego
  • Adivina a las personas o superhéroes: esta edición del Adivina quién? El juego para niños incluye 2 juegos...

    User reviews

    I turned this into a Guess Who Bible Edition and gave one to my youth pastor and kids pastor. They’re obsessed (well, I should say their kids are obsessed, which makes happy parents!)I bought an I stand download from an Etsy shop of the Biblical people.
    No se ha podido cargar el contenido multimedia.  If you want to play it sitting down on the floor, you can't see your characters. The back doesn't open far enough for the characters to be seen, but if you lay it down on the floor, all the doors will close and your opponent can also see all your characters. The superheros are a fun idea, but the pictures are even smaller than the head shots of the classic characters. The backboard idea for the characters isn't well executed, even if it's easier than putting individual pictures in each slot. The cardboard doesn't always want to stay put for the backboard.The game does look ok if you sit at a table, as you can see with the last photo. The boards come clipped together, faces up. It's hard to get them back together this way. You can do the same thing, faces down.Only buy this version if you're always going to play it sitting at the table. Otherwise it's pretty much unplayable. I'm going to exchange this one for the regular game.
    The original version has larger characters so you’re not squinting to see if their eyes are blue or green. Also the multi-colored hair makes it harder for kids to understand which characters to put down if they’re half blonde half brunette, my niece was confused on whether to keep some characters standing or not. The superhero one is hard to eliminate more than one character because not many seem to have similar qualities. Its hard for a young child to know what to ask for this one to differentiate the characters.

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